Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maro Charitra(Telugu,Mickey J Meyer)

Ranjith and Varun Sandesh are good in We Dont Care-But even though it has its elements,the song is so dated and familiar to strike an impact.Prema Prema also seems to be straight out of Mickey's repertoire,but this song works,mainly due to the honey-coated tune and Karthik's vocals.Shweta Pandit's Ninnu Nannu is astoundingly beautiful-While Shweta rocks completely with her vocals,it is the surreal backgrounds that hits the bulls eye in this song.In the last 2 tracks,Mickey retunes two MS Vishwanathan's tracks and they are the highlights of this soundtrack-Shweta Pandit is again at the thick of the things in Ye Teega Poovuno and the mesmerizing tune is a sure-shot winner.The other track,Bale Bale Mogadivoy with its groovy arrangements and a mighty impressive tune is maha-addictive.Mickey J Meyer delivers another winner with Maro Charitra!

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