Wednesday, May 26, 2010


May 26,2010.After a relatively dull and a lonely afternoon(Like its been for a while now,without mom and sis!)my dad gives me a call saying "Hey,You wanna meet Yuvan Shankar Raja?"..Was I psyched or what?..I was like "Are you serious?" and then he said Yuvan was gonna come to Sathyam Cinemas to give an interview for the S Magazine.He said he had to pull some strings,but apparently the main spokesperson of Sathyam Cinemas(And a colleague of his)instantly agreed and asked me to come as soon as possible.

And then it happened.At Ecstasy in Sathyam Cinemas.The funny thing was,after i entered the place,I was talking to dad's colleague and dint even notice Yuvan,who was standing alongside her!(This was because Yuvan is really short.He can easily be camouflaged with the crowd and can make himself inconspicuous!)And then I went all "Oh Dear God" and she introduced me to him as a 'Huge Fan' and we shook hands.And we took a picture.And then I kinda let slip that Iam one of the select few people who is a major fan of his,predominantly because of his background scores for films and also for soundtracks like Pudhupettai,Azhagai Irukkirai Bayama Irukkiradhu,Raam,Kattradhu Thamizh and Yogi.He seemed to be pleasantly surprised by my little confession(I desperately wanted to tell him that because these soundtracks are terribly under rated.And I also find it deeply amusing when some people think that his scores for Paiya and Chennai-28 are his career best till now)And then we spoke for 5 mins and he seemed to be quite cheerful!

And then Yuvan had to give the interview,so I left him for a while.Meanwhile,I was preparing a questionnaire in my mind and I ordered a coffee which tasted like piss.After my initial outburst,I swore to myself that I'll hold my urge to say stuff like "God Iam such a huge fan of yours" or "Cant believe Iam talking to Yuvan Shankar Raja!:O" and thought I should rather have a mature conversation and not make a fool of myself.And then,the interview was over and next thing I knew,both of us were sitting and we were talking a lot about mainstream music!..And I couldnt have asked for a cozier place than Ecstasy(And no was in the near distance and it became almost like a rendezvous!)..Surprisingly,I was shooting some blatant right-on-the-money questions and he dint budge.He answered them all!(I actually had the nerve to ask him "How many soundtracks do you think you'll last?" when we were talking about tune fatigue!)..

We talked for about 20 minutes and I asked all about his forthcoming projects,his Hindi and Telugu projects and about other stuff(Including Harris Jeyaraj!).Even though Iam not gonna reveal anything about the projects here,Yuvan fans,make no mistake-He has some fantastic projects lined up and he's really kicked about them!..Iam tempted to continue more about the conversation,but I dont think Iam gonna.Sorry!

There were two things that made my day-First,obviously having a conversation with Yuvan!..And the second was because of the answer he gave to my "How many soundtracks do you think you'll last?" question.I was completely blown away by the confidence with which he answered that question!(We've seen innumerable instances of composers doing a good job at first,and then slowly fading into the oblivion.And we have another word for composers who do not fall in this category-LEGENDS!)And even though I wanted to act all mature,before leaving I couldnt help but say "You've made my day!"..And Iam glad I did!

After all the head-ache that my friends usually give when it comes to booking tickets as my dad works there(And they're gonna be so mad after reading this!:P) For the first time,I was genuinely glad that my dad worked in Sathyam Cinemas!

P.S:After coming back to my house,I realized I forgot to pay for my coffee!:P