Monday, March 30, 2009

Billa(Telugu,Mani Sharma)

Ranjith and Naveen's My Name is Billa is thumping and very catchy but the overall sound is clearly aped from Yuvan's re-imagining of the same track in Ajith's Billa(But it works big time!).Bommali too is immensely addictive and bouncy and has a neat rhythm flowing throughout the song.Harilo Ranga Hari has a very amateur'ish tune but is done by kick-ass backgrounds and superb singing by Ranjith,Mano and Kannan and the classical bit that is juxtaposed in the middle is absolutely cheesy!..Ne Patasu is a disappointment-The song is simply a lame rehash of the composer's Rathraina Naaku from Athithi.Yellora Silpanni is a predictable but has the typical Mani Sharma's sound that we've come to love him for.Finally,the theme falls massively short when compared to Yuvan's theme music in Tamil but is all the same cool and hep.Lets see,Mani Sharma's success ratio was always sporadic,but he comes up with an absolutely groovy soundtrack in Billa!..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

8X10 Tasveer(Hindi,Salim-Sulaiman,Bohemia,Neeraj Shridhar)

Neeraj Shridhar's only composition Aaja Maahi is vivacious and is well sung by Neeraj and Tulsi Kumar while Bohemia's singlet,I Got the Picture doesn't sink in at all and is too artificial to make any impact.It is Salim-Sulaiman's compositions that strike gold in this soundtrack!..Vishal Dadlani's Nazara Hai has one helluva catchy tune and is only overshadowed by the next track,Haafiz Khuda which is mind blowing and is sung with seamingly casual tone by Mohit Chauhan(This bloke has come here to stay!) and Tulsi Kumar.The other Version,Kuchh Is Tarah is just as likeable as Haafiz Khuda.The two tracks composed by Salim-Sulaiman walk away with the honours in this latest Akshay Kumar starrer,8x10 Tasveer OST!..

Mariyadhai(Tamil,Vijay Antony)

Adada is a kind of track that would've been outdated even if it was composed in the 80s but Vinaya does her best in giving life to this stock tune.Unnai Ninaithen is yet another Vintage Vikraman track that goes one step further in annoying the listeners.Surprising that it is actually sung by Unni Menon and Hariharan(In another version-Phew!).Devathai Desathil gives a certain excitement in terms of the backgrounds but the tune is again outdated.Shreya Ghoshal sounds awesome even in this B grade track!..The modern backgrounds in Inbame doesn't help the track with Udit Narayan mouthing the track in the most horrific way one could ever dream of.Unnai Ninaithen has a neat rhythm with good singing by Shreya Ghoshal but the tune again symbolises how a song in a Vikraman film should be.Not even one track sounds like its composed by Vijay Antony.Vikraman so easily pushes Vijay Antony into B-grade composing league with just one film.A worn-out soundtrack!..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thaalam(Malayalam Pop,Job Kurian,Charan and Yakzan)

Without any hesitation,i can say that this is the most amazing music i've heard when it comes to Pop Albums.Nedumudi Venu's Iruthala Pakshi,taking an anecdote from Panchatantram as its theme grows on you as you keep listening.Great job By Stephen Devasy!..The next track,Inninte with one helluva catchy rhythm and impressive rock'ish backgrounds ups the ante even more.The Hindi Track is painfully short but is extremely heartfelt with very good lyrics and superb rendition.The next two tracks,Thanaro Thanaro and the Title track are the best in this soundtrack.The title track is one knockout-The inspired singing along with the beautiful tune makes it so addictive that you'll wanna keep listening to it over and again.The place where "Ni sa sa" part sneaks in is the culmination-Fabulous work!..Thanaro Thanaro is engaging right from the start and the bitching backgrounds adds to the damn cool tune to give us something that is awesome.Especially the "Kanninai Poottanva" line in the paragraph is sung with so much enthusiasm by Job Kurian.The theme with that beautiful structure sucks you completely into it.The last track,Santhwanam with haunting backgrounds and the alluring tune is just sizzling.The best thing about this album is that one can decipher the mood or the theme about which the song epitomizes even without actually knowing the language!..This first debut by Job Kurian,Charan and Yakzan is one complete cracker of an album-Damn the language..Listen to this one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pasanga(Tamil,James Vasanthan)

Balamuralikrishna's Anbaale Azhagagum Veedu has beautiful interludes but the tune is outdated and very sober!..Oru Vetkam Varudhe is clearly similar to the composer's earlier cult hit Kangal Irandal but has a great tune and rhythm and the song is rendered with great verve by Naresh Iyer and Shreya Ghoshal.The beautiful second interlude in the song is worth a mention!..Naandhan Goppanda has minor sprinklings from Rahman's Hello Mr Ethikatchi and despite the catchy backgrounds,ends up as a bummer.The final track,Whos that Guy is all noise and seeing the fact that the track itself is very short,It doesn't make any impression whatsoever.After a kick-ass debut,James Vasanthan seems to be out of sorts in his second venture Pasanga.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ek-The Power of One(Pritam,DJ Phukan)

Pritam's Tumsa Kaho is definitely catchy and absorbing but reminds so much of his earlier works(Wonder why this track wasn't sung by K.K!..Totally his type of track),especially the tune that comes right in the beginning of the song!..DJ Phukan's Version of Sona Lagda is simple but is hummable and definitely impresses with extraordinary vocals by Shaswati.Pritam's two other tracks,Sambhale and Bang Bang are so painfully boring.The former is so simplistic and annoying while Bang Bang starts off well but eventually gets noisy and repulsive.Out of the four tracks,the pleasant Melody by Pritam and DJ Phukan's Sona Lagda make an impression while the other two are messy and fall flat.

Straight(Hindi,Sagar Desai and Louis Banks)

Sagar Desai's Saanson Ka Rukna is solid fun and the repetitive chorus that comes throughout the song is awesome and the song gets very addictive with multiple listens.Humse Jo Churayi also is excellently arranged but jars when the song is punctuated by the noisy sound as it progresses.Kya Hua Hoo Hoo is rather unconventional and manages to make an impression mainly due to the catchy tune and interesting orchestration.Love Love Love is incredibly childish with the nursery rhymish tune while the last track,Run Run Run by Louis Banks is a complete assault on the senses,to say the least!..Barring the last two tracks,Straight soundtrack is very engaging,thanks to some good work by Sagar Desai!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vizhiyum Seviyum(Tamil Pop,Sami Yusuf,Premgi Amaran)

Saindhavi's Vocals and good orchestration make up for the slightly routine tune in Unnai Naan while Nee En Vizhiyai has an impressive tune with likeable arrangements thrown in to make it catchy.Karthik Pitches in with his amazing vocals along with Prasanna in the mighty catchy Otrai Parvai while the slow Oliye Oliye is bland and outdated.Dr Berne makes an impressive cameo in the soundtrack with Enakku Konjam Pidikkum although the tune again is slightly routine.The pick of the soundtrack is Burn in da floor-Rousing backgrounds along with hep vocals by Premgi and Vinoth and use of synth comes to good effect.Iravin Malarum,with the serenely attractive tune works while Timmy's As the Sun Shines is an imaginative attempt but the song as such is only passable.The last track,the Theme Music is interesting and makes the cut just for the funny Prelude.Vizhiyum Seviyum is the first product of Vinoth Kumar's Music Company and he gets a competent soundtrack from Sami Yusuf.

Monday, March 2, 2009

3rd Person Singular Number(Bangla-Topu)

All the 3 Versions of Didha are just mellifluous and both Habib and Nancy get everything right in this track.Mithila's Agochore has a simple tune with lilting layers woven around the nothing-short-of-amazing tune with almost no backgrounds-Sizzling track!..Limon's Divorce and Anila's Shes Chithi are awesome,again with a simple but instantly impressive tunes and with limited backgrounds but the latter works a lot more than Shes Chithi.The next track,Key Je Kar too works with that simple flowing rhythm and due to amazing rendition by Nancy.Limon's other track,Jai Khanar Chiti is addictive with haunting backgrounds but sounds kinda familiar.Both the title themes are really interesting and are dead-catchy,especially the first one!..Wow what a soundtrack!..I have no exposure whatsoever to Bangladeshi style of composing and Iam very impressed-Dont miss this soundtrack!..i'd like to convey my thanks to Karthik Of Milliblog for letting me know about this soundtrack.