Friday, August 29, 2008

Yuvatha(Telugu,Mani Sharma)

As if tamil wasnt enough,Mani Sharma has recycled his aadungada in eelesi nuvvu.And it doesnt get any better in telugu too.The title song is boring while Maa vooremo chinna is an unbearable cacophony.Kotikokatila Ammayi and Yevarunnarani neekaina save the soundtrack from being soporific!!..Both the songs are fabulous and are trademark Mani Sharma songs with palatable orchestration and some good singing by the singers.Yuvatha is a mixed bag with 3 bad and 2 very good songs!!...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Karzzzz(Hindi,Himesh Reshammiya)

Guess Who is back?..Yea u got it right!!...Its Himesh..And with a 2CD album yet again!!..9 songs!!...and 10 remixes!!..All sung by Himesh!!...
All the songs are completely uninteresting including the remade version of Ek Hasina Thi..Hari Om,Masha Allah and Tandoori Nights are the only songs that u can think of listening the second time!!...
Himesh has gone a step ahead in giving us his worst!!..
Karzzzz is a sheer waste of time!!..
Yaaaaaaaaawn!!....Stay Away from this one!!...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pandhayam(Tamil,Vijay Antony)

Lusimbara tries to be a stylish number but is plain silly and the chorus sounds lot like a tune that keeps coming in "Then Kudicha Nilavu" from Naan Avan Illai.Ammane is a Blatant lift from the arabic song Amaneh by Diana Haddad.This is actually a surprise because the song is pretty famous!!..Surangani's remix is extremely repulsive and Chinna Maamiye too is very bad with an absolutely stale tune.Kathal Theeviravadhi is pretty decent and is the only song that manages to impress..Pandhayam is as bad as Rasikkum Seemane(Perhaps,a shade more worse than it)with very low class tunes.Wake up,Vijay Antony!!...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rasikkum Seemane(Tamil,Vijay Antony)

The title song and Nachulo Nachulo are pathetic with some very bad singing militating against the song completely!!..Kodi Minnalai is decent while Poove poove is very slow and doesnt really manage to impress.Naan unnai Partha Neram has a catchy tune and is marginally interesting but has a strong Dishyum and Sukran Hangover.we know that Vijay Antony is basking on the success of the excellent Nakka Mukka and certainly there would have been a lot of expectations for this album.But apparently
this album is a dud.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Qismat Apne Haat Mein(Pakistani Pop,Shehzad Roy)

Great Chorus and great lyrics sum up the enthusiastic Khul Ke Pyar and Qismat Apnay Haat mein.Janay Kahan and Ek baar are just fabulous with some captivating tunes, congruous with some good vocals by Shehzad!!..Aankhein and Zindagi feat Abida Praveen too are refreshingly different while the folkish Mai Bhagi tribute,Baro chal is passable.Quaid-e-Azam and Laga Reh too are good and are great add-ons to this already fantastic soundtrack!!...Qismat Apne Haat Mein showcases Shehzad Roy's confidence in every sense and its great to think about the fact that our neighbours too are capable of delivering some good albums,that too with consummate ease!!..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ramchand Pakistani(Hindi,Pakistani,Debajyothi Mishra)

Allah Meghde and Phir Wohi Raasthey are extremely soulful and holds on to you in the very first listen.Beautifully carved songs,those two!!..Teri Meri Preet and Meri Matti both seem to be tailor made for Shubha Mudgal and she makes an impression.Ramchand Ka safar too is good with nice assortment of instruments while Dhadee and Terrin Paunda are completely Pakistani and very slow and will take time to grow on you.This soundtrack is a very good follow-up to the excellent Khuda Kay liye(an other Pakistani OST!!-remember Bandya?)..Beautiful soundtrack,this one!!..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Insomniac(Enrique Iglesias)

After a week worth of nagging and bickering by my neighbour(bless him!!),finally i got to listen to this album!!...Believe me,each and every song of this album makes for an interesting listen and i cant even choose my favourite from this album!! In the middle,i Lost touch with Enrique's albums and i had the impression that he produces some silly and lacklustre songs!!..He Proved me wrong!!...and How!!
Ring my bells starts off a little childishly but as the song progresses,it becomes very interesting and is a perfect start to the album.Somebody's me sounds like some of the famous Avril Lavigne's and Green day's songs but is equally good..Its other version(i dont know which language though!) Alguien Soy yo too is good!!..Wish i Was your lover is just ammazing and the lyrics is just great..Especially the part where he goes "Dont try to run away..These many things i wanna say" is awesome!!..Dont you forget about me is very slow but the tune is alluring and Sweet Isabel is sweet with pleasing arrangements..Miss you is entertaining and in this song,Enrique seems to have taken out a leaf from Kevin Lyttle's book(Backgrounds are just like in kevin Lyttle's songs)..But no offense,the tune is genuinely authentic!!...Stay here tonight,Tired of being sorry are likeable but is a step behind the other songs.Enrique's voice and the orchestration dominates the fantastic On top of you!!...Push and Do you know ends the album on a high note!!...
Insomniac is by no means, an ordinary album!!...This album will make me an insomniac for atleast 2 days!!..Lol!!
So here's me looking forward to the next album of Enrique Iglesias!!

1920(Hindi,Adnan Sami)

Bichua is a catchy track even though Shubha Mudgal sounds more like Usha Uthup than herself.Theme music is glib while Vaada hain tumse vaada is rhythmic and has a nice tune but Pandit Jasraj's voice doesnt suit the song at all.But the one by Praveena Sultana is alluring mainly due to the backgrounds.Aise Jalta hai jiya has an ambient sound and Asha's voice shows no signs of senility whatsoever!!...Tujhe main Pyaar karu has beautiful backgrounds and starts nicely but Kailash Kher seriously shouldnt have sung this one!!..1920 is very much Adnan-Not great,not bad!!


Yetu Podhaam cheppamma is decent but has a striking similarity to "Chal hat saali pagli..." from Rathraina(Athidhi) but the song has some good vocals by Naveen.Nuvvu koncham theda and Andhamaina Kalala are very outdated with former having some astoundingly bad lyrics.Gundelo Illundhi too is a 50-60s song and fails to make any impression.Thella cheera ok too is inane and its surprising that Sukhwinder Singh actually accepted to sing this one.Considering the fact that K.M Radhakrishna has given us some good songs,this album is a damp squib and you can give a miss to it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gunde Jhallumandi(Telugu,MM Keeravani)

Idhi Adhe has disastrous lyrics and the tune is middling.I had to force myself a laugh after listening to the sound that comes in the beginning of the song and in the middle too(something like aai aai aai it is kinda addictive!!..Ila endhuku andPavada Kaastha have familiar tunes but the former is enjoyable to an extent(Keeravani has a great voice!!).Gunde Jhallumandhi is outdated but Telusa Manasa has a lovely tune with pleasing arrangements but the saxophone (or whatever instrument) bit that comes in the middle is annoying!!..Even though most of the songs are mundane,Gunde Jhallumandi is listenable.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Top Songs of The month(July)

Aksar (Hijack)
Even though the song sounds Pritam'ish, this song is pretty enjoyable and is infact better than some of the Pritam tracks!!

The Whole soundtrack of Rock on!!
This soundtrack is a must listen.This is the first attempt at desi Rock by SEL and they have succeeded big time!!

Cheeky Cheeky(Saroja)
Yuvan has got a cracker of a song with cheeky cheeky.This song is techno-laden with sounds from the 80's moulded beautifully in the song.

Talli Hua(Singh is Kinng)
Punjabi number at its best!!

This song is vintage Rahman-A lively track with Madhushree at her best!!

Khuda Jaane(Bachna Ae Haseeno)
This song is seductive in the very first listen.Composer's dexterity written all over it!!

Lalijo(Hare Ram)
A lilting track with a mesmerising tune and catchy interludes.A genuinely interesting track!!

Vanathai vittu(Raman Thediya Seethai)
Vanathai's strength is Tippu.His effort in this song is laudable!!

Rock on(Hindi,Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy)

A late review for the movie!!Sorry!!SEL's attempt at desi Rock for the first time has worked-And how!!
The title song is a groovy number with a hummable tune.Ye tumhari meri and Phir dekhiye are just sizzling even though they are the slower tracks in the movie.
Tum Ho toh,Sinbad the Sailor,Socha Hai and Pichle Saat Dinon-All 4 tracks are just superb compositions with some great lyrics.Farhan Akhtar pulls off his new role as singer with style!!This album Sucks you COMPLETELY into it.
Rock on is one of the most innovative albums in the recent times.So guys just Rock on!!:)

P.S: Buy Original Audio CD of Rock On and listen to it guys.Seriously its worth it!!


This album is from August guys!!All soundtracks from July are over!!:)
Suvvi Suvvi has a good rhythm flowing throughout the song.A neat melody!!Beyond the facade of its predictable tune,Chandamama has some good singing by Shreya Ghoshal even though Raja's voice is a let down.Chirugaali starts off fulgently but as the song progresses,it becomes slow and uninteresting.Theme music is short and good.Gajula's tune is largely middling and the lyrics are bad.Lokam and vasthava naatho are awful while mallepuvvulo is just what we expect out of Raja-A delightful melody.3 Outdated songs spoil what could have been a very good album.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ilamai Kanavugal is neatly arranged and has a Raja feel to it with neat singing by Karthik.Koothu koothu onnu has Raja crooning it and is strangely addictive with good rhythm.Unakulle irukkiren is a feel good song with good singing by Sriram Parthasarathy.Title song is routine while the other 2 songs ulagam Kidakkuthu and Kattilukku Mattumdhana are just fatuous.
Ilaiyaraja has tried to keep up with the trends in the music in terms of the beats but the tunes
are just outdated.So the end result-Not very good!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Raman Thediya Seethai(Tamil,Vidyasagar)

Mazhai Nindra attracts instantly with its beautiful lyrics!!Nanba Nanba is very slow on its
uptake but is equally good.Tippu's voice completely dominates Vanathai vittu which
also has great interludes.Tippu should really stop singing kuthu songs and be selective.His voice suits the song so much!!Iam completely addicted to this song!!
Ippavae Ippavae is yet another melody and Vidyasagar-Madhu Balakrishnan combo excels again in this song.Enna Pulla is Noisy while Dj Dj Disca Podu is banal and Vidyasagar-Benny pair seems out of place after the excellent Ore Or Naal from Jeyam Kondaan.
Atleast for the 4 melodies,Raman thediya Seethai is a must listen.
Vidyasagar proves again that he is the master of melodies!!

Hare Ram(Telugu,Mickey J Meyer)

Lalijo is a lilting track that has everything to it-Lovely tune,excellent chorus and awesome interludes.Yakhuda Zara dekho na has a simple tune but Kalyani's voice is too high-pitched for the song.Nasha and Sa ri ga Pa da Ni has all the elements that make it listenable and the latter has some very good singing by Karthik.Theme music and Jairam Jairam are just about bearable.
After a good outing in happy days,Mickey J Meyer continues to impress!!


Aksar sounds sooo much like Pritam's(K.K and that "oooo oh oh" which is there in all his songs).
but it has an enthusiastic appeal to it and is enjoyable.Dekh Dekh too is catchy with Sunidhi Chauhan's beautiful voice taking over completely.Rest of the songs are just about ordinary.
but a fairly nice debut by Justin-Uday.but they seem to be following Pritam's footsteps even though it is a harsh thing to say as this is just their debut.

Sathyam(Tamil,Harris Jeyaraj)

Ada Gada is the usual Harris' nonsense made even more disgusting by premgi.Ada gada also sounds like pudhu pudhu(dhaam dhoom).En anbe is sleep inducing and boring.Aaradi Kaathe
sounds like a Hero-Worship track and Hariharan's voice is very repulsive in the song!!
Paal Pappali does not deserve a mention while Chellame has it all-Eerie sound,Bombay Jayashree
and the gibberish lyrics which is evident in all harris movies.Naveen's voice sounds very different in the song.Sathyam is an album which Harris would not like to remember.
This soundtrack is an egg.

Bachna Ae Haseeno(Hindi,Vishal-Shekhar)

Ahista Ahista is very interesting n is nicely wrapped up by Lucky Ali and Shreya Ghoshal.Lucky boy has a predictable tune but is listenable.Bachna Ae Haseeno Remix rocks big time with Vishal-Shekhar using Kishore Kumar's voice in the song.Jogi Mahi and Small town are just marginally involving but Khuda Jaane is the highlight of the soundtrack.Excellent work by Kay Kay and Shilpa Rao.Man Shilpa Rao is Ammazing!!(Remember the evergreen Javeda Zindagi from Anwar?)..Interludes are amazing too!!Bachna Ae Haseeno is worth a listen.....
As a matter of fact-I just love Vishal-Shekar!!:)
this album is not like De Taali but nonetheless,Gooood album!!

Saroja(Tamil,Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Aaja Meri Soniye,Despite the desperate attempts by the singers to induce interest ends up as a bummer.Dosth Bada Dosth is bang on with superb rendering by Haricharan.Shankar Mahadevan's Powerful vocals and the lyrics stand out in Nimirndhu Nil.Kodana Kodi is Thee Pidikka version 2.0(is the male voice Mohd Aslam's?:O).Yuvan's attempt at heavy metal in My life works in its favour but it is the captivating Cheeky Cheeky(Yuvan does a cameo in the song!!:D) that literally holds the soundtrack together.A scintillating song!!
Saroja is a clear Winner!!


Rahman reuses his 2 tracks Chinnamma and naan Eppothu from Meenaxi to good effect.Taxi is an outright vibrant song and benny's voice is amazing!! Elay is Roobaroo'ish and Rahman showcases his use of the guitar again.With I Miss you da he as usual gives us somethin stunning by bending genres!!..But it is Marudhaani that is the highlight of the album!!Madhushree's excellent vocals and her not at all bad Pronunciation(Surprising eh?) being the main reasons!!Sakkarakatti is another feather in Rahman's hat!!

Singh is Kinng(Hindi,Pritam & Snoop Dogg)

The title song is kinda likeable with Snoop Dogg being the main reason.But why does Akshay think he can rap? Teri Ore is just fantastic with that lovely tune!!..Talli Hua is a rocking Punju number
and that "Sorry Sorry Sorry sorry very very sorry" in the stanzas is just awesome!!..Bhootni ke and Jee Karda are noisy while Bas Ek kinng is The Pritam's version of the title song.The song is spot on with excellent vocals by Neeraj Shridhar!!
a Punjabi Overdose is what Singh is Kinng is all about!!


One bit of news.Some of the albums which iam gonna give review actually came out in July.
But iam giving my reviews on August.Sorry,Just a bbit late.I'll catch up from next month!!
Chaaral has a common tune but Shreya Ghoshal's voice works nicely.Cinema cinema starts of with Shankar Mahadevan increasing the tempo but the song ultimately ends up just short of being likeable.Om Zaarare has a predictable tune but surprisingly Daler Mehndi's diction is not
that bad!! Sollamma is totally rahman'ish while in Perinba Pechchukaran G.V Prakash has recyled his Veyilodu Vilaiyadi with a lame change in tune.Kuselan is just an average fare.

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