Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hero(Telugu,Mani Sharma)

Kannullona is vintage Mani Sharma-The ambient tune,hummable interludes and good vocals by Haricharan make it very listenable.Sye Kurrade is more Chakri than Mani Sharma,whether it comes to the vocals or the arrangements.Yahoo Yahoo has a middling tune done by good vocals by Karthik and some modern touches in the interludes while the composers favourite,Ranjith croons for an outdated tune in Ka Kalavye.The folkish Na Vayase is undone by the mundane tune and drags all through.Mani Sharma comes up with a middling soundtrack in Hero with 2 decent tracks,but the songs does suit Nitin's image very well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dasvidaniya(Hindi,Naresh Kamath,Paresh Kamath,Kailash Kher)

Kailash Kher's Mumma is very likeable with that simple pallavi and very good lyrics!!..And Kailash Kher croons it with seamingly controlled casuality that it registers immediately!..But his next track,Alvida is even more ammazing,with a mesmerizing tune that u get completely immersed in it and more than everything,there is a tinge of Mithoon's style in this track that particularly attracts!!..Sonu Nigam sings with ease in the retro styled Muskura and this track too impresses immediately and ends this short soundtrack on a high note!!..This soundtrack is very impressive,particularly the two tracks sung by Kailash Kher!!..But I wonder why its only a 3 song soundtrack.There could've well been 2 or 3 more songs.Nevertheless,a beautiful soundtrack!!..

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dr Burn,MC Jazz and Benny are in top form in crooning Gangster while Dharan props up impressive backgrounds to make the song very captivating(But whatever said,It cannot be compared to their earlier excellent O Nenje!!)..Haricharan's vocals in Siru Thoduthalile and the ambient tune are the major highpoints and we're getting accustomed to such numbers from Dharan that they can be rightly called as Trademark Dharan songs!!..But in Makkah,Dharan has lifted certain parts of Ganpat from Shootout at Lokhandwala-Which was not needed at all at this time of his career(Just when he was turning out to be one of the most promising composers in Tamil Nadu!!)..And the final track,Atlantic Oceanuku too is catchy but is on the lower side when compared to the first two tracks..Dharan does wonderfully well in Laadam but the tune lift sticks out as a sore thumb-The only thing that prevents me from saying that this soundtrack is a fitting follow up to his earlier out-of-the-world Sivi.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aanandha Thandavam(Tamil,G.V.Prakash Kumar)

Kanaa Kaangiren is sizzling-All three singers Shubha Mudgal,Vinithra and Nityashree sing very well and it all adds to the liveliness of the track.Pattu Poochi,with that Harris styled tune is fantastic and Naresh Iyer croons this track with so much elegance that it holds on to you instantly!!..Poovinai too impresses with Srinivas and Shreya Ghoshal's vocals adding feel to the song,but is only punctuated by a wierd sound that comes before the charanam for some time,And after that gets back on track again.Kallil Aadum and Megam are the soundtrack's highlights-The former is very addictive with that I-bet-you-will-like-it tune and Benny is in superb form here!!..But G.V springs a surprise with Megam-A very imaginative number that symbolises agony and Shankar Mahadevan is just the perfect choice for it and he does justice to it.And this track is so nice that it can be compared even to some of the Rahman's innovative tracks.G.V.Prakash exudes so much confidence in this soundtrack and it was this soundtrack that attracted me a lot after his debut Veyyil!!..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Silambattam(Tamil,Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Already a remix in a soundtrack is a demeanor of a kind,but here there are 2 remixes!!..Why does the pusillanimous director actually give his assent to do remixes?!..Both the remixes,Nalamdhana and Vechukava are an assault on your senses due to the very fact that they are remixes and that both of them are crooned by our dear Simbhu!!..The hero worship track Tamizh endra naan is incredulously hackneyed and boring but is considerably better than the remixes though!!..If there is any reason for u to give this soundtrack a listen,it is because of the last two tracks!..Machan Machan is very addictive with its pleasing arrangements and Ilaiyaraja's vocals only adds to the feel of the song!..And the last track,Where is the Party is a breathtaking effort by the composer to give a strangely western appeal to a supposed Kuthu track.And it works big time particularly due to the instantly appealing backgrounds and entertaining lyrics!!..Barring 2 Yuvan'ish hot tracks,Silambattam is very stale!..Looks like Yuvan has to get rid of Simbhu just as A.R.Rahman has to get rid of S.J.Suryah!!...

Friday, October 17, 2008


Adigava Mataina is partly engaging but i must really say this-Hemachandra with his voice ala Sonu Nigam,is really turning out to be one of the most competent singers in the Telugu film industry!..Chitti Chilakavo has a middling tune and Hariharan's vocals only makes matters worse!..Gayalu Palike and Jum Jum Jummani are largely anachronous..Keka Petti is an unbearable cacophony while Love you I Love you is terribly boring!..Both the songs might have been marginally interesting if it hadn't been sung by the composer!..Teja gets a set of outdated tunes from his composer for his forthcoming flick.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


After the sizzling promos that showed a bit of Tu Hi Meri Dost Hai,the full version of the song is truly fantastic!!..Benny rules all over the song and i dont know why i felt this,but his voice sounds a bit like Shaan in this particular track! Zindagi is a haunting number with magical vocals by Srinivas while Mastam Mastam is a it-will-take-some-time-to-get-into-you track.The indipop styled Shano Shano is a cool foot-tapping number.The next three tracks are my personal favourites!..Dil Ka Rishta and Manmohini Morey are two very imaginative tracks by Rahman(I still cant decipher how he composes such brilliant stuff!!)and both are sheer delights!!..And finally,Tu Muskura has some mindblowing vocals by the singers and u just go whoa when Javed Ali starts singing!!..Rahman clearly pulls off another sizzler with Yuvvraaj!!..

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Aa E Ee(Tamil,Vijay Antony)

Rahul Nambiyar sings amazingly well along with Dinesh to make the title track very enjoyable.Mena Minuki epitomizes the composer's forte for producing such folkish stuff and it works very well!!..Kanni Vedi too is impressive but it could have done better with some other singer instead of Vijay Antony.Tappo Tappo fails mainly because of the unregistering lyrics and the diction by the singers while Natta Nadu is a merely a Uchi Muthal Patham clone!..And finally Dingi Tappu is very irritating with that pissing off lyrics!!..After some repulsive soundtracks in the recent times by Vijay Antony,He comes up with a fairly enjoyable one in A Aa E Ee.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Newtonin Moonram Vidhi(Tamil,A.B.Vinay)

Para Parakkura is a typical Srikanth-Deva track and even Naresh Iyer's vocals doesnt help things any better.Ummachi is fairly decent while Mudhal Murai,which starts off with S.J.Suryah's voice falls flat mainly due to the heard before tune but some good vocals by Sunitha Sarathy make the song interesting,to an extent!!...Krish continues to annoy in Kathal Thandora,which also has some astoundingly bad lyrics(Again,sounds like a Srikanth Deva Track!!)..And finally the so-called-rousing-title track is lifeless!!..Do we have another Srikanth Deva in the making?..Looks like it!!..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shyam,Praveen and Prasan!!!

With immense happiness,iam here to write about these three guys and the songs composed by them.They've been in the music scene from mid 2006 and they've engaged themselves in composing stuff for ads and jingles etc.Along with all this,they've composed around 6 to 7 songs including the excellent Ragasiyam(Apart from that Thathi Thathi clone!),which was mistaken to be a track from Vaaranam Ayiram,What a shame!!..They have really taken my breath away with some superb compositions!!..And here goes the review for their compositions!!
Sugamai is a breezy number with beautiful vocals by Anusha and Nehru and holds on instantly.Podhum Manasey is a delightful melody with mesmerizing interludes and impressive vocals.Kanavaa and Eano Unakkul are two superb compositions,considering the fact that they composed the tracks after a long layoff!!..
But my personal favourites are Azhagae Azhagae and Vettaiyadhu-Two absolutely sizzling numbers with a special mention to the carnatic hook that comes in the prelude of Azhagae Azhagae!!..These guys have a great future and deserve more than what they're doing now!!..Iam absolutely privileged to write about them and I,for sure will not hesitate to show my adulation(Yes,Adulation!)for them anywhere,anytime!!..Wonderful stuff,guys!!...
To know more about them visit their blog!

Aegan(Tamil,Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Hey Saala is the mandatory hero worship song(Yaaaawn!!)and Blazee annoys just like how he did in Loosu Penne.Kichu Kichu is utterly cliched while Odum Varayil makes matters more worse with the only solace being K.K's inspiring vocals.Yahoo is even more pathetic,with that hackneyed tune and uninteresting lyrics.Yuvan's innovation comes to the fore with the Jazzy Hey Baby,complete with superb vocals by Shankar Mahadevan.The problem with Aegan is that the Ajith's star image becomes a hurdle and in the process of meeting his star demands,the soundtrack goes haywire.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sangama(Kannada,Devi Sri Prasad)

Madhumasa is extremely catchy with usual Devi's tried and tested sounds while the title track too is a lilting melody and grows on to you instantly.Kodu Kodu Varavanu doesnt sound like a Devi track at all,but this track too is equally addictive!..But the next track,Dil Maange More is very much Devi-repetitive but likeable.Hey Mr Balu too works,but is certainly on the lower side when compared to the first three tracks.Ranjith rules over the very addictive Muddu Muddu but the tune otherwise is routine,complete with imaginative infusions by Devi to make it more interesting.The best part of this soundtrack is that Devi has not used his super hit tracks from Telugu but has come up with some new tunes,which he has seldom done in Tamil..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Muzicextreme and me!

50 posts have been up and i find this the most appropriate moment to talk.This experience of writing music reviews has been a sheer delight for me right from the start,and i'll keep doing this as long as i can afford the time to!!..Iam always straightlaced when it comes to my likes or dislikes of songs and i hope people dont find this annoying or disturbing.Other than Muzicextreme,Iam not a voluble writer online and therefore i would like to know how my reviews are,and what i should do to make them more interesting(U can give ur comments here or u can mail me to look forward to writing many more reviews!..Thanks a lot for all ur support!!..
And let there be more and more and more music!!:D

Seval(Tamil,G.V.Prakash Kumar)

Odamarathu Mullapola starts off brightly with Benny's enlightening vocals(Particularly the Chorus!)but gets immensely boring as it progresses further.Kannamma Kannamma has an incredibly outdated tune,done with some modern infusions by the composer in the backgrounds.Inspite of Naresh Iyer's inspiring vocals,Parvayile Oru Yekkam falls flat while the less said about Thayaramma Thayaramma,the better.Namma Ooru Nallarukkum is also quickly forgotten while Thulasi Chediya is the only track that kinda impresses,but has a strong Kuselan hangover.This soundtrack is very disappointing,but that is expected because Hari always gets the worst from all the composers.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu(Tamil,Selvaganesh)

Mannai Thodu is extremely inspiring and vivid while Haricharan's Uyiril Yedho is a seamingly soft melody which works,to an extent.Pada Pada with that simple tune is beautiful,sung with seamless naturality by Karthik while Lesa Parakkudhu,with that pleasing tune is also addictive.Vandanam Vandanam starts off outrightly folkish,and then changes midway into a medium-paced melody and goes kuthu again!!..But make no mistake,this track too lives up to the quality provided by the other songs in the soundtrack.The composer comes up with an extremely heartwarming debut with Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recent Picks of the month(September)

This month has been musically rich with a sizeable amount of good songs coming out!!..So here are the songs which i felt were truly sizzling!!(Not in the order of preference!)

1.Avaram Poo(Poo)
This is a delightful melody and Chinmayee simply amazes with her incredible vocals!!..

2.Valla Valla Baby(Chintakayala Ravi)
With corny lyrics and lively vocals,this track is very groovy and impresses right away..

3.Anal Mele(Vaaranam Ayiram)
Despite my never ending rants about Harris Jeyaraj,I truly cannot deny the fact that this song is heavenly!!...

4.Munjaane Suryananne(Nannusire)
With Sujatha's riveting vocals and beautiful tune,This song is fantastic!!..
A Kannada track in the recent picks!!:-)

5.Mar Jawan(Fashion)
Salim-Sulaiman are in great form in this soundtrack!!..Kuch Khaas Hai is also my favourite..

With some breathtaking vocals by the composer,this song simply rocks!!..

7.Oor Parvai Parthu(Yennai Theriyuma)
This track has been in my playlist from the time it came out!!..
That says it all!!..

8.Nijanga Nenena(Kotha Bangaru Lokam)
Mickey J Meyer is certainly turning out to be the most sought after composer after some spree of hits!!..


Desi Girl is extremely repulsive right from the start,while Jaane kyon with good vocals by Vishal Dadlani manages to impress.Khabar Nahi is so lively that it grows on to you instantly(Wonder what the connection is,between the word "Maula" and good songs!!)while Kuch Hum,sung beautifully by Shaan also works(But there has been toooo many songs of this genre in the recent times that i just get a bit annoyed!!)..With some imaginative infusions,Maa da Daadla is fairly interesting while Shut up and Bounce,with retro backgrounds is very good!!..This soundtrack is by no means path-breaking(was expected due to this movie being a Karan Johar production) but makes for a good listen.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roadside Romeo(Hindi,Salim-Sulaiman)

Main Hoon Romeo tries to be this major cool intro song but is pointless and the tune is hackneyed.The next track,Choo le na is considerably better but very predictable while Cool Cool too is largely monotonous!!..So Right is very listenable,but the tune is pedestrian and loses midway..Apni Dumm Bhi is decent but again,the ennui prevails throughout the song!!..With all the songs being very predictable and monotonous,this soundtrack hardly sinks in!!..Is this the Salim-Sulaiman we saw in Fashion?!...Tragic!!....