Friday, August 28, 2009

Do Knot Disturb(Hindi,Nadeem-Shravan)

The title song is right up Sajid-Wajid's alley and and the repetitive chorus-like part is oh-so annoying!..Bebo has a catchy and a quite enjoyable tune undone by the routine backgrounds.Beautiful Women is thoroughly sleep inducing while Dont Ever Leave Me with a trite tune is instantly forgotten.Mere Naal goes a step ahead-With some disastrous lyrics and a mighty silly tune,this song is pure torture while the last track,Zulfaen Khol Khal Ke has a highly doubtful tune(Given their penchant for lifting so many songs,there is always this doubt!)and it sounds so much like Aha Basthi Dorasani(Old Telugu song!).Nadeem-Shravan should quit composing and go back home-Terrible soundtrack!..

Whats your Raashee?(Hindi,Sohail Sen)

The sax-driven title track definitely works for its imaginative orchestration and the composer's off-key vocals definitely adds charm to it!..Jao Na is the best song in this soundtrack-Has an instantly catchy tune and and some great guitar backgrounds.Aaja Lehraate has a neat techno tune that works even though it is quite routine while Bikhri Bikhri's slow tune is a winner all the way with some excellent vocals.Now,things get worse and the soundtrack nosedives into a disappointing one.Maanunga is loud and outdated while Sau Janam,with a routine tune is passable.Aa Le Chal is dreadful while Sohail's vocals help Pyaari Pyaari to an extent and the tune is good too.Su Chhe and Salone Kya have banal tunes with uninteresting arrangements while Dhadkan Dhadkan is an emotionless pathos song wrapped with good backgrounds.Koi Jaane Na doesnt deserve a mention while the other version of the title song,Chehre Jo Dekhen Hai is pretty good!..Whats your Raashee's soundtrack is amateurish at best and is certainly not fitting,considering the fact that this movie is directed by Ashutosh Gowariker!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wake Up Sid(Hindi,Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy,Amit Trivedi)

The title song is vintage SEL material-Something which the trio seems to have mastered after Rock On!..And this song is sung unbelievably by Shankar Mahadevan and it just rocks!..Clinton Cerejo's vocals is the highlight of Kya Karoon-His quirky voice does wonders to the already sprightly tune and this song works instantly.Life Is Crazy is another gem of a track-Uday Benegal and Shankar have a ball in singing this track and this track just works for its simplicity and verve!..But the highlight of the soundtrack is Iktara and Aaj Kal Zindagi-Amit Trivedi composes a cracker of a tune in Iktara and the chorus is just delectable-Kavitha Seth sounds awesome in this song!..Shankar Mahadevan wraps this fantastic soundtrack with his soaring vocals in the delightful Aaj Kal Zindagi-Typical SEL tune that blends amazingly well with the arrangements!..Wake Up Sid's soundtrack is very lively and enticing-Never been in more love with Bollywood music!..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aadhavan(Tamil,Harris Jeyaraj)

Benny Dayal sings in a totally weird fashion in the mighty uninteresting Damaku Damaku-A totally bizarre tune again undone with a Deja vu feeling that immediately settles in,when the song starts.Dekho Dekho is unbearable-Less said,the better!..Karthik's Hasili Fisiliye has the composer pushing his luck to a very very uncomfortable level-The song from the starting note reminds of a dozen other songs of his earlier compositions!..Mano's Maasi Maasi,with a largely outdated tune is instantly forgotten while Chinmayi and Unni Krishnan are wasted for another pointless(And again monotonous-That is always there for a Harris composition!) tune in Varayo Varayo.Shail Hada desperately tries to bring in some life in Yeno Yeno Panithuli,but the song remains dead throughout.Harris comes up with another massively cringe-worthy soundtrack in Aadhavan!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kanden Kadhalai(Tamil,Vidyasagar)

What makes the composer think that Udit Narayan can sing better than Karthik?..He gets almost whole of the song where he eats Tamil for a 3 course meal and Karthik simply gets to sing the chorus!..With a good tune,it would have been really likeable if it had been sung by a good singer!..Suresh Wadkar's Naan Mozhi Arindhen falls massively short of the Hindi equivalent,Tumse Hi even though the singer sings his heart out!..Things get better with Rahul Nambiar's Katru Pudhidhai-A catchy tune added with pulsating backgrounds.Ododi Poren has generous sprinklings from Ye Ishq Hai,but this song also has an absorbing tune!..Benny's Oru Naal Iravil has a neat rhythm flowing throughout the song and simply works while Hariharan's Suthhuthu Suthhuthu,barring that catchy ring is quite routine!..It is difficult to tell which is better when it comes to the Hindi and Tamil Version of Jab We Met.But Vidyasagar might just win the race,considering the amount of plagiarism in Pritam's Jab We Met!..

Dil Bole Hadippa(Hindi,Pritam-Joshilay)

Much like Mauja Hi Mauja in Jab We Met,Mika's excellent vocals does the trick in an otherwise trite tune in Hadippa while the Punjabi-influence goes overboard in the loud and uninteresting Disco Wale Khisko.Ditto to Joshilay's solo composition,Gym Shim-It is equally noisy but is saved by some good lyrics!..Things get pretty worse in Bhangra Bistar-Routine tune with age-old hooks which are sleep-inducing!..But the pick of the soundtrack is the mellow,Ishq Hi Rab Hai-The punjabi touch to the tune actually works and is ably supported by some good vocals!..Given the film's theme,Dil Bole Hadippa's soundtrack is unsurprisingly loud and disappointing-First Life Partner and now Dil Bole Hadippa.Pritam's seems to be losing his touch after a wonderful soundtrack in Love Aaj Kal!..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Gun Murugan(Hindi,Sagar Desai and Raghu Dixit)

The Dialogue Mix is one complete masala mix-Some hilarious lyrics blended with some awesome South Indian sounds-Super Picture Indeed!..Raghu Dixit's solo composition,the Rhyme-like Murugan Superstar is trademark Raghu style and his vocals incredibly suits the mood of the song(And of course the cheesy lyrics that is actually the life of the song!)..Mika's Mind It(Tamil Bhangra Mix) is another mighty enjoyable song with a neat addictive tune and infusion of southie flavour in the lyrics and backgrounds is once again the highlight!..Vijay Prakash's Kyon Kheeda Hai Aapko is a slow and tuneful number with the backgrounds in just the right proportions.And subtle classical touches in the track elevates the song further!..The retro-influence and Vijay's vocals together in Ek Tha Murugan is a masterstroke of sorts and the composer adds some amazing layers to the song!..Vijay Prakash's two other songs,the droning but equally funny Chat Mangni Lover and Kuch Kuchi Twist along with Hamsika Iyer ups the ante substantially(Especially Kuch Kuchi Twist-Hamsika sounds awesome here!)..Naam Mera Mango Dolly sounds like a 60's heroine intro song but has funky lyrics again!..And last but certainly not the least,the remixes are also solid fun,much like the originals!..Quickgun Murugan's soundtrack is refreshing and unlike any soundtrack I've ever heard-Not to Mention the laughter the soundtrack generates!..Kudos to Sagar Desai!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Suchitra's unbelievable vocals in Tharai Erangiya works wonders-The song has such a beautiful tune and Thaman's trademark arrangements actually suits this song so much and is one of Thaman's best compositions till date!..With a curious mix of Yuvan and Harris Jeyaraj style,Ranjith's Mazhaiye rocks completely-Ranjith sounds oh-so perfect for this song,and the composer as usual steals the show with a beautiful tune and breezy backgrounds.Saaral En is even better-Ranjith excels particularly in this pathos version of Mazhaiye and the song gets into a jaw-dropping mode in the middle!..Thaman's maturity is evident in the Eeram theme-has an interesting mix of some amazing sounds which adds up to bring in a surreal effect!..Thaman has certainly come off age as a composer and this soundtrack is easily his best work till date!..

Ruslaan(Hindi,Raeess Jamal Khan)

Javed Ali's Har Ek Lamhe does grow on you on repeated listenings-the mighty pleasant tune is backed by excellent rendition from Javed Ali,but I kinda get the feeling this track would have been more likeable if it was sung by K.K!..The sufi sound used in Maula works in favour of the song and the song as such has an excellent tune,complete with innovative backgrounds.And Salim's vocals sounds excellent in this track!..Roping Hariharan to sing in Pyaar Ki Parsayee is a masterstroke-The impressive tune along with the moody backgrounds,all sounds perfect for the song and Sadhana Sargam also impresses with her vocals,as usual!..With just 3 tracks,Raeess Jamal Khan's tunes in Ruslaan still make a huge impact!..Go for it!


Dil Leke is just routine and outdated stuff which doesnt make any impact while Ishq Vishk is just about tolerable due to some catchy backgrounds and an enjoyable tune.The hero-worship intro song,Jalwa is unsurprisingly nonsensical while The Most Wanted Track goes a step further and is dreadful,to say the least.Tose Pyaar Karte Hai is decent,mainly due to the neat tune and thumping backgrounds.Love Me Love Me is left over stuff from Partner and Hello by the composer duo but works to an extent.The final track,Le Le Mazaa Le is the best song in this soundtrack-Has all the makings of a good item number with a lively tune and impressive arrangements.Sajid-Wajid's soundtrack in the Hindi remake of Pokiri is disappointing.

Mazhaithuli(Tamil Pop,Prana)

Along with Mazhaithuli,the other album I found quite interesting was Enga Area 031,but that album was completely tainted by the unnecessary rap fragments generously sprinkled in all the tracks.Thozha has a very competent tune and Vijay sounds much better in the later part of the track.Ditto to Mazhai,and the piece that comes in the middle showcases the band's creativity!..The style quotient added to Nenjil plays the spoilsport even though the tune is impressive while Natpin Kathai gets into the Yogi B zone minus the loud singing and becomes really catchy all of a sudden in the middle!..Indhiyam,with superb vocals hits the bulls eye and the classical ring added to it works wonders while Chennai Geetham,an ode to Chennai is the highlight of the album-With some lovely lyrics and a pleasant tune,this song is also supported with some competent singing.The final track,Poochendugal with some good backgrounds and an awesome tune,this song also impresses big time!..Even though the amateur'ish layer is still evident,Mazhaithuli scores big time when it comes to tunes-This band is an exciting prospect indeed!

Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru(Tamil,Mani Sharma)

Athiri Puthiri is mind-bogglingly silly with an uninteresting tune while Doctor Mapillai Okaya is on the same lines but has some good rendition by the singers,which eventually goes in vain because of the outdated tune.Jillunu Veesum is much better-Haricharan and Saindhavi give life to a mediocre tune and the subdued backgrounds is also apt for this track.Thiru Thiru Vizhiyae is the highlight of the soundtrack-falls strangely in the Non-Mani Sharma area,considering the arrangements and the tune but this song is instantly likeable,complete with awesome vocals by Karthik and Reeta.Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru theme is strangely addictive and the way the title is repetitively sung is cheesy!..Mani Sharma goes out of his comfort zone to produce a quite good soundtrack in Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru!..